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ARC's Process
plane for stripping
At Aircraft Refinishing Company, Inc., we first prepare your aircraft for stripping. We start by wrapping the engine or engines with plastic. We then mask off all the windows with a special barrier paper and aluminum tape. This tape extends 1/4" past the edge to insure that the stripper will not burn the windows. All the plastic and fiberglass pieces are also protected. The control surfaces are removed from the aircraft at this time. The gear and gear wells are masked off, also. We prep and paint the gear and gear wells as part of the process. If the gear wells are in such shape as to need stripping, it is charged at an hourly rate. All the open seams are taped up to keep the stripper out of the internal surfaces of the aircraft. The stripper is applied at this point.

Now the prepping process really begins. Nylon wheels are used to remove the leftover paint from where the tape was removed around the windows and seams. The filler work is done at this time, also. There are four hours of filler work and/or corrosion work included in your bid. At this time, if it appears the aircraft requires more than four hours of filler and/or corrosion work, we will call you with an estimate for the additional work. You may then come to the shop to see the damage, or give telephone approval for the additional labor. Only then will filler/corrosion work continue. Aircraft is then scrubbed with Scotch Brite and "Precoat". Precoat equals the corrosion protection and improves adhesion for paint 20% over 225S and 226S. Therefore, Precoat takes the place of 225S and 226S corrosion conversion treatment (which can still be used instead of Precoat for an additional fee).

The aircraft is now ready to paint. We use Jet-Glo, Imron, Imron 5.0, Imron AF400, Sterling, Alumigrip, Alumigrip 3, or Jet-Glo HS on all aircraft base coats. We use DuPont Imron 5.0 and Acry-Glo for trim colors. We follow each paint company’s prepping, priming and painting procedures to insure the best adhesion and longevity that can be obtained. After the base coat has set up, we lay out the scheme. We generally lay out all schemes by eye, based on photos supplied. We have some layout guides for certain schemes. We cannot guarantee 100% transfer on factory schemes, but they will be very close. We then shoot the trim colors. A base coat and two trim colors are included in your bid. That is not necessarily two stripes.

plane for stripping

Custom schemes and split bases will cost more. Metallics are extra, as are clear coats. We also offer a premium paint process. This entails more defined prep work and the removal of all inspection plates. They are prepped, primed and painted off the airplane. All the openings are masked off to prevent paint from getting on the inside surfaces of the plane. The cowling is removed, stripped, prepped, primed inside and out, painted off the airplane, then re-installed after the base coat is on. Door jambs are prepped, primed and painted. These are the "extras" which are included in the premium job.

After painting, the plane is unmasked. The prop is painted, and the windows are cleaned. We do touch-up on the rivet bleeds, if any. The control surface balances are checked and re-installed, and the owner can fly away happy and proud of his airplane.